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Hello, I am the High Plains MD.  I currently travel the High Plains as an itinerant Critical Access Hospital doctor (if you aren’t familiar with them – see here ).  On this site, you will find my musings, rants, and philosophical wranglings with some of life’s great struggles:  the living and loving of life, death, grief, and hope.  I may also choose to comment on other things I find interesting: travel, the West, language learning, mindfulness, personal growth, literature, medical culture, some personal fiction may even make an appearance.  This will all be from the point of view of a recently graduated family doctor trying to help plug holes in the great sieve that is the American Hospital-Pharmaceutical Complex.

If this is your first time here and you want to explore a little, I recommend you start with the first two posts to give you some background:

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Background Photo Credit: Chris Light – Own work.  Source: Wikimedia Commons.